That iPad Ad

‘Crush’ ad

Apple launched some new iPads. If you want a full review, watch tech reviews on YouTube, there’s a lot. But TLDR, not a lot has changed..

What the launch did do was drop a bomb on ad land and raised the question, does a brand need to apologize for an ad?

For context, watch the ad below first (Apple pulled the TV spots but it’s still on their YouTube for now)

Apple themselves said they ‘missed the mark’ against a barrage of media coverage from tech to ad land.

The premise of the ad was this; use an iPad to replace all the tools that you once did. And the reality is, there isn’t a lot wrong with that. In truth, Apple products, and the iPhone especially, HAVE replaced a lot of the creative tools we used to use.

Alas, the imagery of the physical things from musical instruments to books to cameras and more was too much for many folks. This despite the ad being beautifully shot and soundtracked as usual with Apple’s multi-million dollar ap budget.

For me, the spirit of the ad is really what Apple was but perhaps does reflect what Apple is now.

Apple has changed and will change even more than you’d imagine under Tim Cook’s successor. Beyond that tho, advertising has changed. For example, would you be able to advertise like this anymore?

What do you think of the ad and advertising in general? Let us know in the comments or on our socials.


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